Sleepovers Still

“Want to have a sleepover in my room tonight?” says my younger daughter (15) to the older (17).

“Sure,” she agrees and starts gathering blankets to make a soft makeshift bed next to her sister’s.

The room of choice depends on which room has the most floor space at any given time. If the floor is full of discarded clothes or notebooks and papers, then it’s probably not going to happen. I love that they still like sharing a room, even though they’ve had separate rooms since the oldest was twelve. I like it especially because I know these days are coming to an end. This is senior year for my oldest, and next year she’ll be attending college and living on campus.

It was common for this sleepover arrangement to happen on the weekends, when staying up late wasn’t an issue. But lately, these sleepovers have become more frequent, sometimes lasting the whole week — school nights and all. I’m a little more lenient than I have been in the past, knowing that these times are quickly passing. I also know that the special bond they have serves them well during these teen years; I know that they can confide in each other, be a sounding board or just have a chance to totally be themselves. I love the fact that giggles still come from the room and rapid-fire conversations are going on before they drift off to sleep. And yes, occasionally I have to go down there and tell them to “stop talking.”

I’m so thankful that their friendship has continued over the years and seems even stronger lately, despite unpredictable moods, fights over bathroom space, borrowed clothing, and a new time-stealer . . . the boyfriend. I know it’s going to keep changing and adapting as they begin to move apart and go their separate ways. But I hope it will always be there to return to, and that it will serve them well as they venture into adulthood.






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