Expanding Waists, Fun Boots, and The Bird

In case you’re wondering why I’m blogging instead of freaking out in the kitchen preparing for the big dinner, it’s because we’re having Thanksgiving on Saturday. No cooking or prep work until Friday. We’re celebrating with our BFFs, after Hubby gets back from China.

Waist Not
I hit Winco at 8:00 last night; it wasn’t too bad. For some reason, though, shopping that late put me in a cranky mood (Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that I was already exhausted?) I brought Kiki with me since I’m not supposed to lift more than five pounds and I knew “The Bird” would be more than ten. In the middle of weaving in and around other cranky shoppers, Hubby called from China.

“What size is your waist?” he asks.

Before this weekend or after? “Um, I don’t know . . . 27, 28 inches?” (Actual size may vary.) Does he think I measure this regularly? 

“What about Kiki and Mae? What sizes do they wear? What pant sizes?”

Oh dear, I think, as I reach for the green onions. He’s buying us pants, in China. Be thankful, be grateful. He’s trying to do something nice here.

About the Boots
Two nights ago he called me to ask for shoe sizes.

“I’m buying boots for everyone,” he tells me.

“Are they nice boots? I ask. Dumb question, I realize. What is a “nice” boot anyway?

“They’re ‘fun’ boots?  All of them.”

Okay, so I’m thinking punk rock, something in patent leather, perhaps? Now I’m getting a little scared.

I do appreciate the gifts, don’t get me wrong. It’s the whole buying them in another country and sizing differences and all that makes it iffy.

Based on his questions, and the current state of chocolate in China, I don’t think I’ll be receiving any waist-expanding gifts. So I won’t have to worry about added calories, but then there’s this weekend . . . which brings me back to The Bird.

A Bigger Bird
As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I was replaying what I had bought for dinner. It suddenly dawned on me that we were going to need a bigger bird. A 13 lb. turkey might not be big enough for eight people (4 adults, 4 teens). A slight panic ensued, since 1) I can’t exactly return a turkey for a bigger one; and 2) If I have to add something else, say a roast, there goes my “budget.” Just a slight glitch. And isn’t there always a glitch?

Blessed Thanksgiving
Well, I hope all you fellow bloggers are having a wonderful day, with plenty of joy and laughter (sans drama). And remember to be thankful for all of your gifts, whether they fit or not. Check back later and I’ll give you an update on The Bird and post a picture of the boots. I will not update you on waist sizes, though. At least, not until next June. In the meantime…

Peace, love and pumpkin pie!


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