Stay Tuned for ‘As Our Stomachs Turn’

Coming up next on As our Stomachs Turn:  Mae flees the dinner table and runs to her boyfriend’s grandma’s house, where she knows she’ll find love in a plate of greasy fried chicken and mashed potatoes. And Kiki raids the freezer looking for the Sara Lee pie.

*  *  * 

Earlier this week, I wrote about the new recipes I was trying out from Clean Eatingmagazine. I decided, after the break, that it was time to adopt some healthier eating habits. Well, after a headache that was hanging on for three days, and after my daugther kept asking why I was so crabby lately; I realized I was having some withdrawal symptoms. If your New Year’s Resolution includes dieting or just eating healthier in general, be sure to stop by so that you’ll know you are not alone in your sugar-deprived state of crabbiness.

Last night I caved in and made a frozen pizza, since the girls were out. I did it for convenience sake and because I didn’t feel like taking the time to cook for two. Boy, was that a mistake! I felt so awful afterwards. Can you say “bloated”? So today, I hopped back on the wagon.

And in a surprising turn of events, Mae and Kiki liked the Boca Burgers I had sent along for their dinner that night. I wasn’t sure they would be a hit, since Mae called from the school to ask how long to heat them and said they were kind of falling apart. I could hear the skepticism in her voice and knew she was contemplating making a run for Wendy’s. But then this morning they were both raving about them! They even put them in their lunches, which is what I was hoping for; afterall, one can only eat so many peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in a lifetime.

*  *  *

Will future recipe remakes be met with resistance?  Will the girls forego fast food, despite their crazy, teen schedules? Find out on the next episode of As Our Stomachs Turn.


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