Routine Vision

“Sorry about that,” I said to the physician after my tears streamed down through my nostril and plopped onto his tailored dress shirt. You wouldn’t think that a trip to the eye doctor could be awkward in any way, would you? But here I was getting my tear duct drained as it was closed up,... Continue Reading →

What I Learned This Week: Contentment

This was a post I wrote for Musings of a Housewife’s (today known as weekly blog carnival, where participants shared something they'd recently learned. What I learned this week snuck up on me as a quiet epiphany. It wasn’t something I sought out. In fact, it came to me somewhere in between cleaning the upstairs bathroom and rearranging some overflowing... Continue Reading →

A Good Sales Rep is Hard to Find?

Apparently, there is a shortage of sales reps in our area. When I bump into people and they find out that I’m an independent sales rep, I start getting offers. I’ll give you an example. My cell phone stopped working last week. Or rather, it was on but said “No Network Coverage.” I tried all... Continue Reading →

Stay Tuned for ‘As Our Stomachs Turn’

Coming up next on As our Stomachs Turn:  Mae flees the dinner table and runs to her boyfriend’s grandma’s house, where she knows she’ll find love in a plate of greasy fried chicken and mashed potatoes. And Kiki raids the freezer looking for the Sara Lee pie. *  *  *  Earlier this week, I wrote about the new... Continue Reading →

Expanding Waists, Fun Boots, and The Bird

In case you’re wondering why I’m blogging instead of freaking out in the kitchen preparing for the big dinner, it’s because we’re having Thanksgiving on Saturday. No cooking or prep work until Friday. We’re celebrating with our BFFs, after Hubby gets back from China. Waist Not I hit Winco at 8:00 last night; it wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Is it a Clog or a Blog?

Okay, so I’m sitting at the dining table with Kiki (my 15 year old) while she reads over my blog. I decide to text Hubby over in China (it’s cheaper than a call) and I write: “Have you checked out my blog lately. I’m having so much fun!” Only, because of T9 being on, it comes out... Continue Reading →

Sleepovers Still

“Want to have a sleepover in my room tonight?” says my younger daughter (15) to the older (17). “Sure,” she agrees and starts gathering blankets to make a soft makeshift bed next to her sister’s. The room of choice depends on which room has the most floor space at any given time. If the floor... Continue Reading →

The Fear Channel

“You worry too much,” my husband tells me as I peer in the side view mirror and comment that our daughter — driving in a separate car with a friend — is not immediately behind us as we leave a particular parking lot, at night, in the rain. It’s not that I don’t have confidence enough in her... Continue Reading →

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