Is it a Clog or a Blog?

Okay, so I’m sitting at the dining table with Kiki (my 15 year old) while she reads over my blog. I decide to text Hubby over in China (it’s cheaper than a call) and I write: “Have you checked out my blog lately. I’m having so much fun!” Only, because of T9 being on, it comes out... Continue Reading →

Sleepovers Still

“Want to have a sleepover in my room tonight?” says my younger daughter (15) to the older (17). “Sure,” she agrees and starts gathering blankets to make a soft makeshift bed next to her sister’s. The room of choice depends on which room has the most floor space at any given time. If the floor... Continue Reading →

The Fear Channel

“You worry too much,” my husband tells me as I peer in the side view mirror and comment that our daughter — driving in a separate car with a friend — is not immediately behind us as we leave a particular parking lot, at night, in the rain. It’s not that I don’t have confidence enough in her... Continue Reading →

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