Is it a Clog or a Blog?

Okay, so I’m sitting at the dining table with Kiki (my 15 year old) while she reads over my blog. I decide to text Hubby over in China (it’s cheaper than a call) and I write:

“Have you checked out my blog lately. I’m having so much fun!”

Only, because of T9 being on, it comes out like this:

“Have you checked out my clog lately.”

So I tell Kiki what I had accidentally texted and she says:

I’ve got a clog.”

And now we are both laughing hysterically. Maybe you had to be there . . . maybe not. Or maybe you just need to know that Kiki has some experience with “clogs” (don’t ask).

Later, as I’m explaining how Twitter works, her stomach starts rumbling.

“Maybe it’s your clog,” I say.



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